Thursday, August 02, 2007


Vandalism and illegal dumping cost our association $1306.79 in the month of June.

Please report any suspicious activity to police at 877-8900.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Construction Progress

I'm pleased to say that the third phase of building repair and painting is nearly complete. There is just one patio wall that needs to have stucco applied and painted remaining.

Our plan now is to continue with the building containing units 1-20. Unfortunately this building has 340+ linear feet of belly band (the trim that runs horizontally between the first and second floors) without any z-bar flashing. Z-bar is a metal bar that goes behind the stucco, then turns 90 degrees and runs over the top of the belly band, then turns 90 degrees again and hangs down over the edge of the belly band. Z-bar is used to ensure that any water coming down the wall runs over the top of the outside of the belly band, rather than inward and behind the belly band (that is, into the wall).

The consequence of the lack of z-bar is that there could be significant dry-rot inside any of the walls, which we won't know until we start replacing the belly band. For that reason, this set of buildings may take longer and may suffer higher cost overruns than average. (Currently the overage is averaging about 7%, and we had planned for about 15%.)

We hope this phase will be done before the rainy season, beginning on August 1, and hopefully finishing before November 1. At that point we will have completed 4 buildings and the clubhouse, with 6 buildings to go. Fortunately the remaining 6 buildings are smaller (fewer units), newer, and have z-bar flashing. These should be completed more quickly for less cost.

During the rainy season (roughly November through March), we plan to halt building construction both because it's difficult to do when it's wet and because we need to let some more money accumulate in the special assessment fund. Instead, we will begin stairway replacements. There are 11 stairways for which the stringers (the metal beam that runs from the ground to the landings that the steps attach to) are not salvageable and must be replaced for safety and liability reasons. We will begin by replacing these 11 stairways. In some cases we will need to extend the landings by a few inches to comply with current building codes. We'll be replacing only one of the pair of entry stairs at a time, so access to units will not be blocked.

Plans for the entry stair replacements are currently awaiting city approval. The new stairs will look fairly similar to the old stairs. The wooden railings will be replaced by galvanized steel railings that should last a lot longer.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Vandalism Costs!

We've seen a sharp uptick in the amount of vandalism on the property in
the last few months, and it's costing your association on average $500 a
month to deal with it. This ranges from tagging with spray paint to the
destruction of the glass in the bulletin board by the south side
mailboxes and the throwing of a rock through one of the clubhouse windows.

This is money we'd much rather be spending elsewhere on the upkeep and
improvements to the property.

The police have been notified about each incident, but they have told us
that they are reliant upon us to let them know when there are problems.
They need us to be their eyes and ears.

Please, if you see anyone who is loitering on the property or someone you
know does not belong here, call the police non-emergency number at
877-8900. If you see a crime in progress, call 911. You have the option
of remaining anonymous when you report a crime, and the police will never
tell the perpetrators who reported it.

It's better to call and have it be nothing, than to not call and have it
be something. When you call, you can tell them that you have heard that
we've been having a lot of vandalism lately and you see someone who you
think is out-of-place.

Please help us keep these repair costs under control by taking an active
interest in protecting our property by informing the police when you see
anything even remotely suspicious.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

House Rules Posted Online

Sorry I've been so long in getting these up!

You can now view the House Rules and Regulations online in PDF format. Our CC&Rs are unfortunately only available in hardcopy format. Once we update those (some time in the next couple years ideally; it's been a long time since the last update) they will be posted online as well.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Annual Meeting Date and Time

The annual meeting will be held on April 11 at 6:30 PM in the clubhouse. More information will be posted here as it comes available.

We have arranged to have a community relations officer from the South San Francisco Police Department present for us at the meeting, and to answer any questions and to address any concerns brought by our members. This is an excellent opportunity to make sure your voice is heard.

In the meantime, remember that if you ever see anything or anyone unusual or out of place, call the police department's non-emergency number at 877-8900 to get it checked out. If you see a crime currently in progress or in case of an emergency, call 911.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

SSF E-Waste Recycling Days Feb 9-10

The South San Francisco Community Preservation Task Force is sponsoring a free e-waste recycling event at the SSF Fire Department Station #61, 480 N Canal St. at the corner of S. Spruce.

The dates and times are as follows: Friday, Feb 9 noon until 5 PM and Sat Feb 10 9 AM until 3 PM. Dropoff is free and unlimited.

Accepted e-waste includes televisions, monitors, copy machines, computers and computer components, fax machines, printers, toner cartridges, telephone equipment, VCRs and DVD players, cell phones, power cables, video game systems, AV equipment, stereo equipment and scrap metal and wire.

Please do not bring microwave ovens, household appliances, car or household batteries or smoke detectors.

For more information see or call 866-335-3373.

You can also view the original flyer here.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Painting Begins December 11

At long last, repainting is set to begin at Skyline Village. The first building to have dry rot repair (on the corner of Meath and Carter) and the clubhouse will be painted starting on December 11.

This has been a long time in coming. In fact, it has been a topic of discussion for as long as I have been on the board of directors (about 5 years now). It's very gratifying to see it finally begin.

We'll have more details posted here as they come available, including a link to Empire Painting's web site where owners can go to check on status.